A man and his dog take on Clifford Castle

6Souls is a 2D platformer that came out a couple of weeks ago. You will be playing as Jack, who along with his dog Butch, head out on an adventure to find the abandoned Clifford Castle. I am a huge fan of Celeste (it was my Game of the Year for 2018) and 6Souls instantly got my attention. Will its beautiful pixel art and platforming action hold up?


6Souls isn’t a game that offers a deep narrative, but there is a story here! You and your dog Butch head off to find the abandoned Clifford Castle. The Clifford family had gone missing years ago and no one knows why. Upon discovering Clifford Castle the dilapidated bridge gives way and sends you and butch to the dungeons of this castle. It is while trying to get out of the castle that you discover the truth about what took place here.

The story plays out in two cutscenes per area. One when you first arrive and another after a boss fight. What I love here is that you have these conversations with Butch that are pretty entertaining. I found myself enjoying the silly banter between man and man’s best friend. It made me think of how I chat with my animals (minus them talking back of course) and it added a lot of character to a game that didn’t need a gripping story.


Now the gameplay is where this game shines. 6Souls doesn’t necessarily do anything new for the 2D platformer but what it does do it does very well. 6Souls has you jumping, climbing, and dashing mid-air, so fans of Celeste will feel right at home with this. There are spikes and various enemies and obstacles to jump around as you climb through this castle. The controls are tight and you will find as you die it’s normally your fault and not the game being cheap.

What 6Souls does do that is a welcome challenge is the addition of combat to your platforming hell. You are equipped with a sword and are able to take swipes at enemies and also block. Having limited health and each room having no way of healing makes timing when to fight and when to block of the utmost importance. You can block up to three blows before being staggard and then you must wait for your block to recharge.

Later in the game, the introduction of a bow comes into play. Not only will you be able to shoot enemies from afar, but you will also be able to make little platforms with these arrows. This adds a whole new challenge as now not only will you be dashing but you need to lay platforms in strategic locations. It works well and I love the challenge it adds.

You play as the dog!

Fear not! Your dog Butch serves a purpose beyond comedic relief. On some levels, you will find areas that Jack cannot traverse. In these spots, you will take control of Butch and head into these restricted areas to find a key, bacon strips (one of the collectibles in the game), or coins. He can’t do too much but it’s still fun. You’re able to double jump and let out a cut bark too!

Reclaimed Souls

The name of the game gives it away; There are 6 souls for you to collect in Clifford Castle. You claim these souls from Soul crystals that bosses drop after death. You get a cinematic showing their final minutes before having become imprisoned. These souls are dash charges for you. With each new soul, one more dash is granted to you to use in between touching the ground. Celeste had 2 total charges and it worked really well. Having more in 6Souls leads to some interesting level layouts and techniques to get through quickly.


For any of you that have been following me for some time you know, I am a sucker for pixel art. I am attracted to it like a fly is to a bug zapper. That was what grabbed me at first with 6Souls. It’s beautiful. Each location has a lot of detail and thought put into it and the art does a great job of creating the atmosphere of this abandoned castle. What really stood out to me though is the character animations. From climbing and jumping to the way Jack takes his backpack off to pick up a soul crystal or place Butch into it. It’s fluid and looks great.


6Souls has one hell of a soundtrack. Each track is catered to the specific location of the castle you’re in which adds to the uniqueness of each area. From the dungeons to an abandoned library, the music is fitting and a pleasure to listen to. I love that when you die the track keeps going too. This is greatly appreciated later in the game when you will die a lot.

The game is voice acted but not in the way you would think. If I had to compare it to another similar sound I would say the characters of this game talk like they’re speaking Simlish. It’s adorable and I cannot get enough of it when it happens, also Butch’s bark is the best!


My biggest complaint with 6Souls is that as you get further and the levels increase in challenge and in size/complexity the checkpoint system can be frustrating. Much like Celeste if you die you go back to the beginning of the screen you died on. This goes for if Butch dies too. It got to me a number of times and I had to just walk away for a bit. However, overall the game worked well I ran into no technical problems with it.


6Souls was a pleasure to play through. It was challenging, yet forgiving. It was funny and great to look at. With 80+ levels, it scratched an itch that I’ve been wanting to take care of for some time now. Fans of 2D platformers should absolutely check out 6Souls. It’s got tight controls with interesting level layouts. You won’t regret your time with this title.

Buy Now

6Souls is a solid platformer that fans of the genre shouldn’t miss out on. Tight controls, beautiful pixel art, and a criminally low price make this a must-have game.

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