A Hockey Roguelite? Tape to Tape is Here to Please.

Hockey games are few and far between however, Tape to Tape is here to change that. The newly released hockey game from Excellent Rectangle takes the fun of arcade hockey and mashes it with the map and progression of a roguelite. While you’re not getting the depth of 2K hockey games, there is a lot here to enjoy.

Travel the mysterious world playing games along the way to restore hockey to its former glory. As you choose your path you can hire unique players with unique synergies, find new abilities to equip to your team, or visit the Blademaster for some permanent upgrades.

Key Features

  • A deep unique Roguelite campaign in a sports game
  • Tinker with your lineup and abilities, find player synergies, and test different team archetypes, options are limitless!
  • Losing is fun, new opportunities await each time you begin a new run
  • Roguelite mechanics, your team is gradually improving as you are playing
  • A deep and unique simcade experience. The game combines the smooth and responsive controls of modern games with the fast-paced action of ’90s hockey games
  • Innovative goaltenders will react organically to any shot, deflected puck, or rebound. Goals never feel unfair
  • Players have to adapt and react to what they are seeing on the ice instead of always scoring the same way as seen in other sports games
  • Local, couch, and Steam remote-play multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • The campaign can be played cooperatively
  • A unique and gorgeous blend of hand-drawn 2D sprites and animations in a 3D environment

Tape to Tape was released into Steam Early Access on May 3, 2023. While the game has some issues (AI on standard can be brutal) the devs are hard at work balancing AI, powerups, and listening to their community for suggestions. The Game has been such a blast to play and it really scratches an itch I’ve had for something more arcady. I will keep playing and am excited to see what is planned for its early access period. When that 1.0 comes along Look for the review here.

Grab Tape to Tape on Steam and follow them on Twitter for news and updates.

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