A beautiful world in the clouds waiting for you

There’s something incredibly serene about floating in a boat on the water. I’d liken it to the same level as staring out the window of a plane above the clouds. In Cloud Jumper from Hyper Luminal Games, you get to feel these two scenarios in one. You take control of a flying tug boat and set out to restore the light of the Infinite Lighthouse that has kept the floating islands safe for a thousand years.

Cloud Jumper takes inspiration from the amazing vistas of a Studio Ghibli film and classic pixel art games. Combining lo-fi pixelization with modern post-processing the developer has created an absolutely stunning world to go explore.

Play how you want

Exploration and freedom is the key here. Cloud Jumper has three styles of play you can choose upon to cater to your experience. Craft your ship across these three styles:

  • Craft and transport goods as the Trader, buying and selling across the Sky
  • Map uncharted islands as the Explorer and discover every hidden location
  • Decipher ancient relics as the Researcher, uncovering stories of a race long forgotten

The world of Cloud Jumper is full of fantastic creatures like Chameleons, Corgis, and even ancient Dragons. This beautiful and unique world has me absolutely excited to fly through fluffy clouds and craft new equipment for my tug. I definitely will get lost in exploring this amazing looking game.

There currently is no release date for Cloud Jumper. The Steam store says it’s “coming soon” so here’s hoping we see it in Q1 or Q2 of 2021. You can wishlist the game over on its Steam storefront as well as get updates from the developer’s Twitter page.

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