6 Exciting Upcoming Turn-Based Games to Look Forward to in 2023: The Best New Releases for Strategy Fans

With the end of 2022 just days away, it is time to look ahead. In this article we will be looking at 6 upcoming turn-based games that we think are worth throwing on your wishlists.

Slave of Magic – Amethyst Dreamers

In Slaves of Magic, players are tasked with leading a resistance against magic-wielding invaders who have conquered the known world. Players must build and manage bases, gather resources, and hire and equip troops to oppose the invaders. Customize 6-8 unit teams with unique attributes to tailor your combat strategy. Teleport your team with the resistance’s teleporter and use position and teamwork to complete objectives. Slaves of Magic is designed for replayability with multiple invading forces and varying enemies and strategic AI. Players must use their strategic and tactical skills to save humanity from becoming slaves of magic.

For the King II – IronOak Games

In For The King II, players join a resistance against the oppressive reign of the queen and her fanatical Queensguard. With local and online co-op options, players can choose to fight alongside friends or go solo in search of loot. Build a party of unique characters, each with their own stats, and abilities, outfitted with gear found in the world. Combat in the realm of Fahrul is strategic and unforgiving. It requires careful planning and use of the new grid-based battle system. The procedurally generated world is constantly changing, offering a variety of biomes to explore and quests and events to encounter. As players progress, they unlock special items and events for future campaigns. I was a huge fan of the first game and am highly anticipating this sequel!

Monstrous Realms – Lockbow Games

Monstrous Realms is a Grand Strategy-Tactical RPG hybrid set in a medieval fantasy world. Players take control of a kingdom and direct heroes and their armies of monsters to conquer the continent. Players can promote and customize heroes through branching job classes and evolve monsters to unlock their true potential. They can also develop new technology, grow cities and armies, and conquer or ally with neighboring kingdoms. The game features endless procedural worlds to explore and conquer. Its campaign offers a handcrafted world with a story about power and control. The game focuses on quick, streamlined battles and allows players to customize heroes and monsters in various ways. Players can engage in diplomacy, trade, research new technology, and raid dungeons for lost treasure.

Untamed Tactics – Grumpy Owl Games

Untamed Tactics is a narrative-driven turn-based RPG set in the universe of the Untamed Feral Factions card game. Players control Greycoat, a disgraced rabbit general who becomes the leader of free animals, and his crewmates, Lynn and Mortimer, as they journey through the primal land of the Wilds. The game features tactical combat with power management and positioning as key to victory, as well as a highly replayable procedural world with a range of strategies, combos, and character builds. The game has a hand-drawn, colorful 2D world of anthropomorphic animals and allows players to negotiate with enemies during combat using a deck of Parley cards. Players can discover a story about Greycoat’s adventures and meet a diverse cast of characters in their journey to regain honor and confront the threats of the Wilds.

Capes – Spitfire Interactive

Capes is a turn-based superhero strategy game in which players build a team of heroes to fight against supervillains and take back a dystopian city. Players can recruit new heroes with unique powers and abilities, and use their skills and strategic positioning in combat to unlock their personal Ultimates. In each mission, players can take up to four heroes with unique team-up abilities to work together and use their powers to their advantage. Players can level up their heroes to gain new abilities and upgrades, and use skill points earned from completing objectives and challenges to unlock their powers. They can also complete hero-specific challenges to earn bonus skill points and unlock optional missions for a deeper understanding of each hero. The game features a range of campaign and patrol missions, as well as side missions to explore and unlock more heroes and earn skill points.

Wicked Lands – Hugging Dragons

Wicked Lands is a tactical combat game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that resets every few days. Players control a village and a group of peasants as they engage in combat, collect and equip units with unique items, and encounter strange creatures and events. Players can upgrade their village, acquire artifacts, and defeat bosses as they try to lift the curse of the resetting world. The game offers new challenges each play through with randomly generated maps and combinations of items and enemies. With a beautiful art style and an intriguing world, I cannot wait to see this game released. No date yet but I am hopeful for 2023!

This as always is just a small sample of the games heading our way. Keep an eye on our Twitter page and the monthly Indie Radar to keep up with what is coming out! In the meantime, what turn-based games are you looking forward to next year?

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