24+ hours of indie game demos to watch


Later today the stream team I am apart of will be doing their first Demothon. The crew will be taking a look at a handful of demos from the Steam Game Festival that is currently going on. There are going to be a lot of amazing indies covered in this time and it will be a great opportunity to watch them in action. With the festival having 500 demos and only six days to run, it’s near impossible to check them all out. This here will give you a great chance to view a lot more.

The event has been planned to avoid overlap of games and as one creator finishes, they will raid the next. There will be 24+ hours of content to watch (all without the burnout of a single streamer) and 50+ demos covered during this event. There are multiple ways to watch; you can head to each individual’s page or watch it over on the Wholesomeverse Team page. I will be at the hockey rink with my son, so I will not be streaming.

Make sure to check out everyone in the links below!

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